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Odessa Executive Suites
Proudly introduces a NEW
LONG-TERM Rental Program

Relocating to Odessa presents many challenges… even to those who have traveled frequently to this exciting city. You will want an apartment that is conveniently located close to your job, transportation, markets, restaurants, and possibly schools. Finding such well-suited living quarters can be costly in terms of money, time, lost productivity at work, and… your peace of mind! As an example, one of our short-term rental clients made two separate trips to Odessa seeking suitable living accommodations and had to extend his stay in order to continue the search. Dealing with non-English speaking real estate agents and potential landlords can be frustrating and exhausting. Even after the apartment is located, you will need to negotiate the lease with a Ukrainian landlord and possibly furnish the apartment to bring it up to Western standards.

After all of this, you must deal with a Ukrainian landlord or companies on a routine basis to ensure that bills are paid and that the apartment is cleaned and maintained.


How can Odessa Executive Suites Properties help you?

We can save you time and money, which will give you the peace of mind you need during this difficult transition!

The Odessa Executive Suites Long-Term Rental Program offers you the ease and convenience of having The Odessa Group

  • Locate your apartment.
  • Negotiate the lease in the name of our Ukrainian company.
  • Interface with the Ukrainian landlord as needed throughout the lease.
  • Outfit the apartment to meet rigid MSP standards.
  • Provide cleaning services as you require.
  • Provide handyman services to maintain the apartment as required.
  • Handle ALL utility bills to ensure prompt payment with no interruption of service

At the same time, should your business require, you have the flexibility to walk away from your housing commitment with as little as 30-days notice.

Once the apartment is located, with your approval, the lease will be negotiated and the apartment outfitted to similar specifications as all of Odessa Executive Suites accommodations.

Each apartment will be outfitted with the following items:

  • Air conditioning
  • Internet access with the option of unlimited free international telephone calls to/from USA and Canada, and to call free to the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Ireland.
  • SAT-TV offering English speaking channels
  • A smoke detector
  • A personal safe
  • Miscellaneous appliances, i.e. toaster, electric tea kettle, microwave, vacuum, coffee maker, iron/ironing board, answering machine, etc.
  • 100% imported linens, i.e. sheets, towels and mattress cover
  • All dishes, pots/pans and cooking utensils

If you have specific requests for furnishing your apartment we will source the items if available, and ensure delivery and installation in the apartment prior to your arrival. You will have final approval of the specific items and the related costs.

Included in your monthly lease payment will be…

  • Apartment rent
  • All utilities, i.e. local telephone, electricity, gas, water, heat, SAT-TV, Hi-Speed Internet access
  • Registration with Ukrainian government (only for USA/Western European/Japanese/Australian citizens on a business visa) *Additional charges may apply

Because cost considerations are important to you, typically you will be asked to pay upfront an amount equal to three-months rent broken down as follows…

- The first month's rent, real estate commission equal to one-month's rent, and a one-month security deposit.

In addition, you must sign an authorization form which will allow an automatic credit card payment for the month's rent on the first day of each month. You will also be asked to sign an agreement, which will outline our terms and provide for cancellation with as little as a 30-day notice for any reason.

All in all, the Long-Term Rental Package will make your transition into Odessa living very easy and will allow you to "hit the ground running"!

As you will expect, this program is not something that can be automated. If you would like to discuss the process in more detail, please contact us to discuss the program and your specific criteria in more detail…

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